Explore 200 years of Southwest Virginia history in the permanent and current exhibits of Glencoe Museum. We’re in the process of upgrading and expanding our exhibits, so come in soon to see what’s new.

Native Americans in Radford

Native American Village

When contractors creating a Radford city park in the 1970s discovered a long lost Native American settlement, archaeologists were called in to excavate. Explore the secrets they unearthed from what is now Bissett Park. [Read More…]

Mary Draper Ingles

The Story of Mary Draper Ingles

Unravel the legends surrounding pioneer heroine Mary Draper Ingles, her dramatic escape from Shawnee captors, and her arduous journey home to the New River Valley. [Read More…]

Tools that Built a Nation

Tools that Built a Nation

Coming Soon
Learn how early settlers built Southwest Virginia. Browse through our collection of vintage woodworking tools – or see them in action! [Read More…]