The Gallery

The gallery at Glencoe Museum exhibits the art and works of contemporary Appalachian artists from around the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.

Nature Prints by Ray Harm works are on exhibit through November 30, 2019. Plan your visit.

Nature Prints by Ray Harm

Artist Ray Harm is best known for his wildlife art, especially birds. He was a native of Kentucky who following his service in World War II enrolled in art school on the GI Bill. He began producing wildlife paintings that soon caught the attention of Wood Hannah, who worked with Harm to create limited edition runs of prints. This was a groundbreaking concept that has influenced countless subsequent artists. Harm prided his paintings on the fact that they were based on real life sketches of animals instead of photographs.

Click Here to see a listing of Ray Harm prints available for purchase at the Glencoe Mansion.

A Special Gift to the Glencoe Mansion

This show and subsequent sales of prints have been made possible by the generous gift by Jon and Mary Wyatt of approximately 100 wildlife art prints by Ray Harm and other artists. This gift is given in memory of Jon’s parents Kathleen and Clifford Wyatt who were avid wildlife art collectors. The gift is part of a complete collection of Ray Harm wildlife prints acquired during the 1960’s and 70’s when the Wyatts were concessionaires at Breaks Interstate Park.