The Gallery

The gallery at Glencoe Museum exhibits the art and works of contemporary Appalachian artists from around the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.

Works by Artist Karen Sewell

November 2017 — January 2018

The Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery is pleased to host its newest gallery exhibit featuring the works of artist Karen Sewell. To learn more about Karen Sewell, please read below.

Karen Sewell Artist’s Statement:

Karen_Sewell_ImageI was raised in Floyd, Virginia, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I have had a passion to create all of my life. My surroundings provided the perfect outlet for this need. As a child, my Dad bought sketchbooks for me that I filled with drawings of birds and animals. I loved the outdoors. The small dramas being played out in nature would end up on the pages of my sketchpads. I also loved to listen to my elders relate the stories of their childhoods and a past long gone. Over time, the beauty of my surroundings and the stories of old-time traditions have greatly influenced my artwork.

I have diligently developed my own style of painting, which I feel is still evolving and growing. As I have grown artistically through the years, my goal is now to convey the feeling of what I paint to the viewer. If I paint a tree, my hope is that the viewer will feel the roughness, sense the wind and movement within the scene. I often incorporate some of the Blue Ridge tradition and culture into my work. .

I paint subjects that touch on my experiences and memories. I draw heavily from the familiar surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In each painting, I want the viewer to enter the serenity of the environment. When I paint a portrait, I try to capture the essence of the person I’m painting. I want the casual observer to get a sense of the person. Whether it’s the mischievous sparkle in a child’s eye, or the proud tenacity of an old farmer, I want my audience to get to know the person in the painting.

GOING WITH THE FLOW_Karen_SewellI enjoy working with multiple mediums and any subject matter that whispers to me. Being diverse in my creative process prevents me from becoming stagnant, allowing me to continue to grow as an artist. I feel artists should be open to learning from each other; no one person knows all there is to know about life or making art. Sharing knowledge enriches everyone’s life. I try to instill this thirst for growth in my students as they search for their voice, their song, in their artistic journey.

When looking at my work, I know that through the years I have developed a style that reflects my life, my values, and my passions. My inspiration comes from observing the small vignettes of everyday life. These stories are nostalgic reminders of where we come from and hints of where we’re going.

On display through the end of January 2018. Plan your visit.