The Gallery

The gallery at Glencoe Museum exhibits the art and works of contemporary Appalachian artists from around the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.

Current Show: Photography by Susan Guess

The Gallery at Glencoe is pleased to host the newest Gallery exhibit featuring the works of Photographer Susan Guess. The show includes an eclectic array of images from the barns of southwest Virginia to doorways of Italy.  The show will be on display through March 31. Learn more about Susan Guess and her artistic vision below.

Susan Guess–

Susan_GuessLiving in Virginia for fifteen and a half years now, reminds me of my former home not far from Haminasette Beach in Connecticut. Moving to North Central Florida in my mid-twenties brought new challenges and more travel to fill life goals.

Picture books from libraries, artworks on museum walls–fill my mind. Yes, why are they taken, who took them since they can mean a thousand words. Right? When I looked through years of my collected photographs, I came to see a pattern. I indeed had an “eye” which became art.

Exploring further through research and travel, asking those involved in the arts, helped me find my way. I needed to see where to fit in. That I already did fit in, made me shiver inside. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, I was allowed to attend an art class at RU. My Professor worked with me to use color (my photographs were black and white since college). Also to work in the abstract working in acrylic paints. After a while, my good friend, Kay taught me how to really paint using long free strokes that became rewarding.

Challenges allow my photography to have purpose. As I travel I will reference magazine Guess_Collectionarticles or photography sources for my “eye” to look for. Here is an example: One year my family visited the Island of Pinel in the Caribbean. I saw children playing on the rocks by the ocean. The bodies’ shadows cast on the ocean, late in the day with clouds overhead. Having a silver metallic color. The water was waist to chest deep depending. We passed in the small boat, I missed the shot couldn’t get it right as we were knocked around in the boat-hence the difficulty in getting the photo. The next year it was the winning photo in the Travel magazine. It was right!

With each one’s art it is special. For me I feel it is a gift. The precious face smiling back at me. The beauty of the landscape or ocean that is captured. It is the memory that can be given. It is important to be patient. Wait for the moment, the right lighting. Never be afraid of your decision. It’s yours. It’s your art. Step one or two steps to the right or left. One or two steps to the back or forward. The reason is for your “eye” to find that better picture or photograph.

Come out and enjoy the works through March 31. Plan your visit.