The Gallery

The gallery at Glencoe Museum exhibits the art and works of contemporary Appalachian artists from around the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.

You Had Me at Art

Love is in the air at the Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery with its new love-themed gallery exhibit, “You Had Me at Art.” The gallery exhibit brings together the works of 13 talented local artists who are showing their love of art and community by participating. The artists represented are Jeni Benos, Ben Crenshaw, Alex Crookshanks, Laura “Jeannie” Fender, Frank Herzog, Nancy Kent, Leslie King, Bucky Lawrence, Joyce Sims, Starroot, Sharon Taylor and Linda Waggaman.

“You Had Me at Art” shows the many facets of love, be it romantic love or familial love. It can even be the love an artist has for a medium or style of art. The new gallery exhibit reflects these many aspects with works ranging from painting to photography to inventive mixed media pieces. The show will be on display through the end of March.

Artist Biographies:

Jeni Benos

limpkins eating snail CMYK copyPhotography has been a passion for Jeni ever since high school, where she took classes in developing black and white photos. Today Jeni shoots digitally, reflecting many of her interests through her work. As a nature and animal lover Jeni naturally gravitates toward outdoor photography. She strives to capture intriguing and imaginative perspectives of her subjects whether they are animal, bird, plant, or found objects. In Jeni’s own words, “The natural world is full of wonder and beauty; each element has the potential to be portrayed in a countless number of ways.”

Like most artists Jeni enjoys exploring a number of mediums, including jewelry. She has had a jewelry business since 2004. Her jewelry pieces will also be available for sale at the Gallery. Just like in her photography, her love of nature and animals is reflected in her jewelry as well. Her collections range from sophisticated designs focusing on wild animals hiding in nature to whimsical and fun cat jewelry. Jeni has developed an unusual process of creating striking hollow seamless forms. Jeni has won multiple awards for her innovations in jewelry design.

Ben Crenshaw

4x10_turtledovesBen Crenshaw is a Washington D.C. native based in Fairlawn, Virginia. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1985 from California College of the Arts in Oakland California. Subsequently, he has worked in a wide variety of creative disciplines.

In 2012 he began a fine art exploration of knotwork and the boundaries of two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. 2013 saw the creation of his Series I dimensional knotwork (constructed PVC panels). Followed by Series II (cut paper on glass layers) in 2014/15. The most recent expression is Series III (acrylic paint on layers of acrylic) started in 2017. So far there are 15 pieces planned for the series.

Alex Crookshanks

LOVE 7.0 Hard to Hide How I FeelBridging digital and traditional media, Alex Crookshanks presents a dual world view by layering images, emotions, text, and reflections that both appeal and challenge viewers to look deeper, through the surface.

Alex’s work has many layers to it – both digitally and physically. By using reflective and translucent layers, he invites the viewer to become a part of the piece as their image is reflected into the work. New images and messages appear as each piece is viewed from a different angle.

Alex’s work is created both digitally and traditionally with plenty of mixing of the two. Once a piece has begun its creation journey, either digitally or traditionally on canvas, he then layers on translucent elements, text, and other up-cycled items to provide the viewer with images covering all aspects of beauty, love, and acceptance.

Laura J. “Jeannie” Fender

horseshoebaybermuda_IMG_6446Laura J. Fender is a retired educator. She received her formal art training at the Texas School of Fine Arts, and the University of Texas in Austin. She holds a B.S. and M.S. from Radford University where she studied watercolors under Z.L. Feng.

As a representational artist, she tries to capture the beauty of the natural world and her emotional response to whatever captures her eyes and stirs her heart. Her subject matter is primarily landscapes that usually include an element of water, whether it be ocean waves breaking on the shore, snow, ice, or even the dampness of a foggy morning.

Her favorite medium is oil painting and she was recently juried into the Oil Painters of America.

Frank Herzog

Frank Herzog, originally from the northeast, now calls Radford his home town. Herzog displayed an interest in art from an early age. As a child, he would handle the long, cold winter days of eastern Pennsylvania by drawing. His teachers and family encouraged him to pursue his artistic interests, a passion that he has to this day. Eventually he found watercolors, teaching himself to manage the flexible and dynamic medium. Family obligations and changing interests made Herzog put his creativity on the proverbial back burner, but for many years now he has painted continuously.

Herzog believes his watercolors are his strongest suit, yet he continues to experiment with other media. Most recently he has been working with acrylic on canvas and board. Frank Herzog has displayed in many local galleries and juried shows. He has even had a work purchased for display at the Lance Corporation headquarters in Charlotte.

Describing his love of painting Herzog says:

“I paint because I love it, the creativity of it, the solitude of me, my brushes and my paints! In a sense, it’s an escape from the information age, the craziness and complications of the fast paced, computer driven world we live in. If you view my paintings, I hope you will see and feel the serenity, peacefulness and solitude I try to create.”

Nancy Kent

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERANancy Kent describes herself both as a “dedicated student of Wildwood Park” and “that crazy lady who roams Wildwood Park with a camera.” Many residents of the region will recognize Nancy Kent as the individual whose photography is frequently showcased in local newspapers. That photography is an amazing testament to Kent’s skill and patience as a photographer and to the natural beauty of Wildwood Park. Visitors to the gallery will be stunned by Kent’s works and by the wildlife that fills the city’s park.

Nancy Kent is a long-time resident of Radford who taught school both in Radford and Pulaski County. Upon retiring from teaching, her husband and daughters gave her a digital camera, which according to Kent, opened a part of her mind and heart in an ongoing adventure of discovery and delight. In 2009, Kent participated in a nature walk of Wildwood Park, and from that point on she was “hooked” on the natural treasures of the park.

L.S. King

2018-01-13 11.06.44-4-1-webL.S. King is a photographer and printmaker. Her recent accolades include being selected as one of five best emerging photographers by the Felix Scholler Photo Awards in Osnabrück, Germany. Her passion for photography stems from her adolescences and still sustains her, along with her newest love of printmaking. Currently she is pursuing her MFA in photography at Radford University, holds an MA in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University (Virginia), and a BFA in photography from Shepherd University (West Virginia). Her muses include artist Ken Smith, and her kittens, Ella and Lily. When she is not covered in ink or cat fur, she can be found doing words and pictures for Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

Artist Statement

I am a child of stories, walking the fence line of yesterdays and now. Historical narratives, both real and imaginary, along with aesthetics harkening to 20th century Pictorialism informs my work. In telling visual tales, I am an antiquarian or time traveler – choosing imagery with limited constructs of modern society. Anything newer than half a century may be occasionally seen but only as a whisper hinting at the present. Delighting in a sense of all things past and the beauty of decay, I indulge in modern technology for the materials on which I present my images.

Bucky Lawrence
Hampton, VA.

I was borelementaryn and raised in Radford, Virginia, attended McGuffey elementary school and Radford High School, graduating in 1962. I left Radford following graduation to pursue a career with NASA at Langley Research Center in Hampton. My art endeavors began in 2012 when my life long friend and classmate from kindergarten through high school, Radford’s local artist Harriet Anderson, decided that I should learn to paint with watercolors. It was due to Ms. Anderson’s artistic and teaching efforts (plus unbelievable patience) that I have enjoyed my new career in art that I have today.

I have participated in numerous gallery exhibits in the Tidewater area; Charles H. Taylor Art Center, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Halls of Art exhibits at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, and the Norfolk Academy in Norfolk,VA.

Since beginning my painting with watercolors, I have added acrylics and oil & cold wax to my painting skills; for landscapes, seascapes, primitive, and most recently abstract.

Thanks to Ms. Anderson’s dedicated efforts and my retirement from NASA, I have been able to enjoy this new found pleasure. I will always consider Radford my “home”, and I appreciate this opportunity to display my art at Glencoe.

Joyce Sims

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoyce Sims, a resident of Radford, adopted photography as a hobby back in 2004
when her Canon film camera needed a new lens and she decided to go digital!
did! She enjoys nature photography and is a firm believer in a quote by Matthew Henry,
“Those who are close to nature are never far from GOD.” Photography is a way of displaying
the beauty God has created.

Joyce graduated from Christiansburg High School and then attended Virginia Southern
Business College (now National Business College in Roanoke). She has taken various classes at New
River Community College over the years.

She retired as Office Manager for the Presbyterian Church of Radford in 2012. Joyce often submits photos to the Roanoke Time’s New River Valley section. She has had Best of

Show photography at the Salem Fair and New River Valley Fair. She has had photos in Virginia Wildlife and Birds and Bloom magazines.


Love Rocket sStarroot grew up in Southern Germany and started to create art at an early age, inspired by nature and her unlimited fantasy. She explored and practiced conscious dreaming in her early childhood. She is a completely self-taught intuitive artist. When she was 30 years old, she had a life changing Out of Body experience in a car accident. Starroot opened more and more for visions coming to her. In 1986 she moved with her two children to Tennessee and then to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Due to an illness in 1992 she started painting her healing visions, a series of over 50 large paintings in acrylic and ink on canvas and wood. Spirit Beings such as aliens, angels, ferries and totem animals appear in her visions of vibrating bright colors. She calls this series “Arcturian Dreams.” Now she has created over 800 paintings, most of them showing visions from dreams. In 1999 she broke down with a serious back injury and severe pain. In a hospital bed she finished over 26 paintings, new Visions that came from her healing. They are in her book “Amanita Dreams” together with Starroot’s visionary poetry.

Starroot has been showing her art on the Internet since 1995. She continuously opens up for positive visions and gives them form in new paintings. Starroot has two paintings in the permanent collection of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. Her painting MIRROR GODDESS is in the Museum’s current yearly show called: “All Things Round, Galaxies, eyeballs and Karma.”

Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor is a native of Radford who is a retired nurse. Ten years ago Taylor began painting, mainly using oils. In the past few years, she has branched out to watercolor. Sharon Taylor is a strong supporter of the community, volunteering for many worthy causes, including the Glencoe Mansion. She also teaches our youngest members of our community how to enjoy and create their own art.

Linda Waggaman

M-BW morning kiss-1 copyLinda Waggaman grew up in a small central Ohio town, but has made her home in the New River Valley since 1985. She was first introduced to photography by her father, an enthusiastic amateur. After raising two daughters and a long career in public education, she has recommitted herself to life as experienced through the lens.



On display through the end of March 2018. Plan your visit.