The Gallery

The gallery at Glencoe Museum exhibits the art and works of contemporary Appalachian artists from around the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.

2018 in Review

The Art and Artists of 2018

On Exhibit January 25 through March 1.

Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the gallery show, “2018 in Review.” The show features the works of artists who showed their works in the Gallery during 2018.

Musical Tree by Starroot

For the “2018 in Review” Show, the Gallery will include the works of Peggy Amonette, Harriet Anderson, Jeni Benos, Sandra Beasley, Bonnie Blackburn, Ben Crenshaw, Francis Carter, Sandra Cauthen, Jane Collins, Rose Mary Cornett, Catherine Cox, Linda Coyle, David Ferrell, Matt Gentry, Linda Glidewell, Barbara Griffith, Rebecca Harris, Frank Herzog, Mack Hilton, Wendy Hodge, Ginny Jones, Kathryn Kelley, Nancy Kent, Kendall Kessler, Bucky Lawrence, Ruth Lefko, Annyce Levy, Phyllis Long, Katie Monroe, Shirley Paine, William Ratcliffe, Rose Rogers, Ernie Ross, Jill Sandidge, Valerie Sellers, Joyce Sims, Starroot, Francis Staples, Sharon Taylor, Susan Trulove, Linda Waggaman, Shaun C. Whiteside and Lark Wojdak.

The Gallery at Glencoe is a great community venue for local artists to exhibit their talents and for the public to see the artistic traditions of the region. The Gallery is just one component of Glencoe Mansion, Museum & Gallery, which offers a three-in-one experience with House Museum, History Exhibits and Art Gallery. There is always something new to see at Glencoe.

The works are on exhibit through March 1, 2019. Plan your visit.